What Is Color Picker

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Creating a stunning website should be done side by side by considering the design of HTML and its combination of color. The right template combined with the right color variation will produce a stunning look of a site that will please the eyes of the visitors. This means they will stay long enough on the site and will likely become your website fan at the end of the day.

Color takes a very important role. Well, you might think that color is just a color. However, in the perspective of a designer, the color variation and combination are the core of a design itself. That is why, if you manage a website, you should consider taking a look at color picker to make your website amazing.

What is Color Picker for a Website?

Color picker is like a tool that will let you create a combination of colors for your HTML template. This tool will let you create a harmony of color, from hundreds to thousands of color variations. Color harmony itself is the right combination of colors that will please the eyes. We all know that some colors will not match other colors, and some will suit other ones. The right color combination is called color harmony.

The color picker will not only provide you the color variation. It also provides the shades of color, the tones, and its tint. Such shades will work perfectly for the footer and header of a website. Shades of black will also be implied perfectly for link hovering effects.

While the shades will work perfectly for the footer and header of a website, the tones of color themselves will work differently. Tones of color are created by adding gray to a particular color. This combination will produce an endless variety of colors depending on the level of the gray color that is used. Aside from its function for the web design, the tones will also be applied perfectly in quotes, comments section, and highlight.

The tints will also work differently in both tones and shades. Tints are made by adding white to a particular color. This process will produce a much more lighter version of a color. If you choose "red" and add white to it, depends on how many levels of white are added, you will see it will turn to be pink (which is a lighter version of red). Color tints will work nicely for modal backgrounds and also hover effects.

Color Harmony

Combining a color to create color harmony should not be done randomly. You can take a look at these tips before combining the color palettes for your web template. These tips will depend on wheel color (a wheel that consists of various colors).

  • Triadic Colors
    This so-called triadic harmony is created by choosing 3 colors in a triangle shape of a wheel. The example of this harmony is medium red, medium blue, and yellow. This harmony is more like a bright combination with its high contrast. This harmony also works best if one color dominates the most.
  • Complementary Colors
    In a color wheel, when you choose 2 colors with the opposite direction is called the complementary color harmony. An example of this harmony is medium red and medium green. This harmony is in high contrast and works very effectively when combined with a more neutral color palette.
  • Tetradic Color
    Tetra means 4, which means by choosing 2 sets of complementary harmony you will likely create tetradic color. An example of this harmony is choosing dark red, medium green, medium red, and yellow. The tetradic harmony is perfect especially if added and combined with color tints, shades, and tones.
  • Neutral Color
    A neutral harmony is created by choosing three colors in a sequence of a wheel of color. An example of this harmony is choosing light red, medium red, and dark red. This color is neutral and commonly used for general website templates.
    Well, those are some tips about color picking and harmony. Creating a website should be done by considering its color template and combination. With the color picker in the right color harmony, you can create a stunning website that will make the visitors feel comfortable while browsing through your website.