What Is an Html Template

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Building a website in a world where technology is developed is not as difficult as many years ago. Now, people can easily build a website by only purchasing the HTML template. So, what is an HTML template actually? Well, an HTML template or usually called a web template is a pre-build site that contains HTML pages.

The templates are also composed of text content, integrated images, Javascripts, and support files. The HTML templates need to be uploaded to a web hosting account in order to be viewed on the internet normally

What is HTML?

HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language", which is plain text which is formatted in a text file format with its codes. The codes itself will likely determine how the font, images, content, and other things are displayed on a website. Creating objects and images to be embedded in a website and displayed in interactive forms is done in plain text format.

In a shorter version, HTML is a source of codes in a plain text format that will determine how the website will be displayed. What makes HTML is widely used is because the text contains only text, not a compiled complicated program. This means any ordinary person can create and even edit the HTML with a basic knowledge of website coding.

HTML 5 and HTML 4.01

A web template and the HTML template are the same things. HTML templates are usually made with XHTML or HTML, and generally contain the Javascript code and the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) inside. The recommended version of HTML is currently HTML 5. Previously, the version that is widely used is HTML 4.01. This version is widely used for a long time and many websites are currently still using this version of HTML.

However, after a long nap of progression, the HTML is now updated to HTML 5 which is the stable version of the recommended W3C. The reason why HTML 5 now becomes the new standard is because this version is supported for all new web browsers and mobile devices. Considering people now browse through their mobile devices, this is kind of important though.

Reason Why People Search for HTML Templates

People want it simple in everything. Creating HTML needs work of hours and basic knowledge of coding. Other than that, you need to provide images, plan the font format, the style of a website, and many other things. That is why buying a template is a more preferred option for those people who want to build a stunning website without hassle.

Another reason why people prefer to choose to buy the template is because there are many various templates from hundreds to thousands of templates. This whole variation lets people choose the template based on their needs. If they want to build a tech website, then you can choose many sophisticated templates with modern and minimalistic designs. If you want to build a rustic furniture website, well there are a lot of template options that suit the rustic furniture design. It is free to choose from and only costs a few bucks.

Is HTML Templated Can Be Edited?

This might include in one of the reasons why the HTML template is preferred. If you buy an HTML template, you have full control of what you buy. This means that you can edit it as much as you like. You don't like the pictures? Well, add the one that you like. If you don't like the fonts then change them as you like. It is a simple form of freedom to create a website based on your likes!

HTML Template Creates more Visitor

It is not a secret that a good website with a stunning design will likely bring in more visitors than an unmanaged website with a bad design. HTML Template is created nicely with the interactive forms and attractive visual which make the website looks attractive and stunning. If you choose the good template that suits your website, you will likely bring more visitors day by day until someday your site will be popular. Nothing is impossible!


Well, that is all the explanation about the HTML template and all things related. If you want to build a website, the HTML template will help you a lot indeed! Hope this information helps!