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When you have a website, of course, you want your website to have a good screen display. The screen display of a website page that has images, text, and other support is called a template.

To create a good template on our website, of course, we need an HTML page. HTML is the source of images, text, and other displays on our website screens.

So that you can get free html templates, you also don't have to bother looking for them. Because many websites provide free templates.

What are HTML Templates?

For those who do not understand what an HTML template is, now we are learning to understand it slowly. On a website, there is something called a template. You can even get free html templates.

These templates are created from HTML pages to include text, images, or other content in your web pages. So that users can enter the desired information or images into the designs that are already available.

Templates usually already have their designs. You just need to adjust to the type of website you own.

HTML templates are created using XHTML or HTML that includes Javascript and CSS code. You can choose an HTML template according to your wishes and needs.

Understanding HTML

HTML is a language that is owned by a browser so that it can display and format web pages to make them more dynamic.

HTML is used so that text files can display our website which will be packaged in the format of images, text, animations, and other elements.

There are other languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat we must understand such as CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS has a different language but is used alongside HTML. CSS functions to add font styles such as color, font size, font type, and layout.

Still don't know what HTML stands for? Hypertext Markup Language is an acronym for HTML. Many websites provide free html templates so we can use them right away.

HTML contains a set of code that can be included in a text file. The goal is to be able to show images, links, animations, or other elements so that they can be displayed on our website.

Another purpose of using HTML is so that we can create certain objects and images so that they can be embedded and become interactive forms on our website.

This is why when we have a website, it is very important to understand what an HTML template is. Because we will use it so that the appearance of our website contains information and images as we want.

Types of HTML Templates

Various websites provide free html templates. But you have to understand some types of templates that are generally used.

We have discussed a little above that there are several types of templates that we usually use. Here are the types:

  1. CSS & HTML Templates
    CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a code that is used on websites around the world. Using CSS aims so that we can create styling fonts.
    When we use CSS templates, we can change the font color, font type, font placement, use of symbols, and other font design elements on our website pages.
    But a website cannot only use CSS but also requires HTML. This is because CSS is code that was created to be able to format HTML websites.
    To use CSS code, you can insert it into a web page and insert it with HTML code. CSS is one way to determine the HTML template design of our website.
  2. Javascript & HTML Templates
    If you are looking for free html templates, you can also get javascript templates. Not much different from CSS, javascript can also be written in a text language that will add templates to our web pages.
    Javascript can be placed in HTML pages along with using the HTML code of the web template of our choice. Or you can also add plain text.
    Javascript is usually used to add to the user experience. Many website owners use javascript to provide good service to their readers.
    To have a good surfing experience on a website, website owners use javascript and HTML to create a good website layout. Such as menu options, headers and footers, popup windows, and more.