Using The Color Picker Online to Design Website Appearance

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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a code that is used to display text, images, or other elements on your website pages. HTML uses the special help of CSS and javascript which enhances the appearance of our site.

One of the things that make your website pages more beautiful is the use of color-coding on HTML pages. Color codes in HTML have the purpose of being an identifier that can identify something.

Having a color code used on HTML pages can make the screen display of our website have color so that the website becomes brighter. You can use the color picker online so you can determine the color code you want.

What is Color Code in HTML?

Color codes in HTML have an important function, namely as identifiers that can represent colors on a website. You must be familiar with websites that have a variety of colors.

That's what color coding does in HTML pages. because we certainly do not want the appearance of a mediocre website. Color code aims to beautify our website pages.

Many websites provide color picker online for free so that we can enter color codes in HTML pages. Of course, we need to use CSS to also change the font color.

The color-coding that is usually used is RGB (red, blue, green), HSL (hue, saturation, lightness), HEX (hexadecimal) which can represent the color you choose.

But the most commonly used is the hexadecimal code in the color picker online website. This color code has a symbol consisting of a "#" or Hash and a set of six-digit codes.

While the code "FF" means the highest number and represents the "255" hexadecimal number. What we need to understand is, there are six-digit numbers in a hexadecimal code.

Here's what we need to understand in reading hexadecimal code:

  • The six-digit number in the hexadecimal code has 3 pairs of numbers that represent the RB code.
  • The first pair of two digits represents the color red
  • The first pair of FF represents the red color that has the maximum intensity.
  • The number "00" will be used as the lowest intensity code.

When we choose a color code, there must be a six-digit number that represents it. If we understand, every two-digit number in it is a representative of the basic colors, namely RGB.

Types of Color Selection

When you get a website color picker online, you can choose a color code that can be placed on the HTML page.

There are several types of color harmony that you can choose from. Why color harmony? Because you need a fun color combination.

When you have a beautiful color combination, your website will look better. Here are some color choices that can be recommended color codes on your website:

  1. Neutral Color
    You can use a neutral color code to make the website look brighter. Neutral colors also consist of RGB with other color-coded combinations.
    For example, the hexadecimal number #FF0000 is red. So to get a neutral color, the code will change but still have a red structure.
    In addition, you can also choose other neutral colors such as green. You need to know, the closer to the same color type, the more harmonious or harmonious the color code it can be.
    We also need to think about color harmonization because when we find the right combination of codes, we can produce the colors we want. A color picker online can help you find the right color code for your HTML page.
  2. Cool Color
    This cool color is synonymous with using RGB with the hexadecimal number #0000FF. Because the color of the cooler is usually made of blue.
    You can choose a variety of cool colors for HTML pages on the color picker online website. You can choose various types of colors according to your wishes.

Color Selection HTML Code

The HTML code in the color selection contains a formula that contains the color code. Some online color picker provider sites, already provide color codes.


You just need to enter the color code on the HTML page. Because in the HTML page, you will find a dialog box that contains filling out a form to enter the color code.